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The development of high energy materials (HEMs) for civil, commercial, non-nuclear, mining, defence and miscellaneous applications have been a continuing dream for severl worldwide academic and military research groups. Today, the variety and number of HEMs played an overwhelming role in the progress and prosperity of humanity or one can say modern development would be impossible without them. It is no coincidence that Alfred Nobel, who established the modern HEMs industry, also founded the Peace Prize linked with his name. Some of the present challenges that face researchers from HEMs field are (a) high demand for non-toxic and environmentally benign high energy density materials and oxidizers, (b) possible substitutes for classical HEMs and ammonium perchlorate (AP) as an oxidizer since their combustion/detonation products are toxic and carcinogenic, (c) continuing attention in insensitivity to mechanical stimuli, high-density materials, and oxidizers for reduced vulnerability applications and improved stability of materials that are exposed to high-strees conditions under their regular use, (d) HEMs with low visible plumes (smokeless combustion and no observable sign of a missile) 

Research Interest
  • High-energy-density materials

  • High-energy-density oxidizers

  • Nitrogen-halogen chemistry

  • Nitrogen catenation

  • Solid, liquid propellants and pyrotechnics

  • Energetic salts and ionic liquids

  • Energetic polymers

  • Agent defeat materials

  • Energetic Co-crystals

  • Medicinal Chemistry (drug like compounds)

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